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On Wednesday, March 16, 1244, those inhabitants of Montsegur who refused to abjure the Cathar faith were burned en masse at the southern foot of the mountain.  Many had asked for their consolamentum three days previously, sealing their fate on the stake. 

Sources differ on the the number of victims between 200 and 224. The Chronique de Guillaume de Puylaurens, gives the number as 200;  the Chronique de l'Abbaye de Berdoues, states 205; The Chronique de St-Paul de Narbonne 215; Gerard de Frachet 224.   

Records, mostly depositions of survivors given to the Inquisition after the siege, identify sixty-three individuals by name from the estimated total of circa 220.  


  1. Raymond AGULHERPerfect at Tarascon in 1204 and present at Montsegur from 1234.

  2. Guilleme AICARD.  Resident at Montsegur from 1234 with his wife and three sons.  Received consolamentum on the night of March 13.

  3. Pons AIS.  Perfect present at Montsegur from the start of the siege where he was a miller.

  4. Pierre ARAU. Perfect.

  5. Bernard d'AUVEZINESPerfect.

  6. Raymonde BARBE from Mas Saintes-Puelles, sister of Perfect Raymond du Mas (Raymond de Na RIca).

  7. Raymond de BELVIS.  Crossbowman from Arnaud and seigneur of Usson.  Arrived at Monsegur circa May-June 1243.  Received consolamentum March 13.

  8. Arnaud de BENSA.  From Lavelanet, sergeant, wounded end of February 1244, received consolamentum March 4.

  9. Etienee BOUTARRAPerfect

  10. BRESILHAC.  Dispossesed knight from Caihavel.  Present at Montsegur from 1236 and received consolamentum on March 13.

  11. Pons CAPELLE, from Gaja.  Perfect arrived at Montsegur circa 1242 with his son, a sergeant.

  12. Guidraude de CARAMANPerfect.

  13. Arnaud des CASSES.  Knight and seigneur of Casses.  A believer since 1220 and a perfect before 1243.

  14. CLAMENS.  Present at the seige.  Around 13 March 1244 is named as having transfered Church treasury into the custody of Pierre-Roger de Mirepoix.  Presumably a Cathar perfect.

  15. Jean de COMBEL  Knight from Laurac.  Believed to have accepted consolamentum during the truce.

  16. Saissa de CONGOST.  From a seigniorial family at Puivert.  Perfecta from 1240. Householder on Montsegur.

  17. Raymonde de CUQ.  Sister or cousin of Berenger, the seigneur of Lavelanet.  Perfecta at Lauran in 1230.  Lived with Corba de Pereille at Montsegur.

  18. Guillaume DEJEAN, perfect from Tarabel, ordained deacon at Montsegur.

  19. Guillaume DELPECH.  Sergeant.  Arrived to reinforce Montsegur May 21, 1243.  Received consolamentum on March 13.

  20. Arnaud DOMERGUE, of Laroque d'Olmes.  Sergeant residing at Montsegur since since 1236 with his wife.  Received consolamentum March 13, 1244.

  21. Bruna DOMERGUE, wife of Sergeant Arnaud Domergue.  Received consolamentum March 13.

  22. Rixende DONAT of Toulouse.  Perfecta.

  23. India de FANJEAUX.  A Lady from the Lahille branch of Fanjeaux.  Perfecta in 1227 and householder on Montsegur.

  24. Guillaume GARNIER.  Cow herder from d'Odars near Lanta and a believer since 1230.  Sergeant at Montsegur in 1243.  Received  consolamentum on March 13, 1244.

  25. Arnajud-Raymond GAUTI, knight from Soreze and Durfort.  Believer in 1237.

  26. Bernard GUILHEMPerfect.

  27. Etienne ISARN of Casses.  At Montsegur with his brother.   Perfect.

  28. Raymond ISARN, brother of Etienne.  Perfect.

  29. Guillaume d'ISSUS, knight and co-seigneur of Montgaillard in Lauragais.  Believer in 1230.  Present at Montsegur since 1243 and reported "burnt."

  30. Jean de LAGARDE.  Condemned by the Inquisition in Moisac in 1233 and escaped to Montsegur.  Burnt.

  31. Bruna de LAHILLE, sister of Guillaume.  Believer in 1234.  Perfecta at Montsegur in 1240

  32. Guillaume de LAHILLE.  Dispossesed knight from Laurac.  Defender of Castelnaudary against Amaury de Montfort in 1219-1220.  At Montsegur from 1240.  One of the leaders of the massacre of the Inquisitors at Avignonet.  Seriously wounded 26 February 1244, and received consolamentum on the night of March 13.

  33. LIMOUX (Limos).  Perfect at Montsegur.

  34. Raymond de MARSEILLAN.  Dispossessed knight from Laurac.  Believer in 1232.  Received consolamentum on March 13.

  35. Bertrand MARTY.  From Tarabel. Cathar bishop at Toulouse. Head of the Cathar Church at the time of the seige.  Known to be at Montsegur in 1232 and reported "burnt with all the others."

  36. Guillelme MARTY.  From Montferrier.  Baker at Montsegur and perfect.

  37. Pierre du MAS.  From Mas Saintes-Puelles, perfect in 1229 and reported present at Montsegur in March 1244.  Probably executed.

  38. MAURINA  (MAURY)  Perfecta.

  39. Braida de MONTSERVER.  Related to Arnaud-Roger de Mirepoix.  Believer in 1227, and received consolamentum during a grave illness in 1229 at Limoux.  Arrived as a perfecta at Montsegur in 1240.

  40. Arsende NARBONA.  Wife of sergeant Pons NARBONA, consolamentum on March 13.

  41. Guillaume NARBONA, rider to knight Raymond de Marseillan, and brother of Pons Narbona, consolamentum on March 13.

  42. Pons NARBONA, of Carol and Cerdagne.  Sergeant, consolamentum with his wife on March 13, 1244.

  43. Raymond de NIORTPerfecta from Belesta.  Arrived clandestinely at Montsegur in October 1243 with a letter from the Cathars of Cremona in Italy.

  44. Arnauld d'ORLHAC, from Lavaur.

  45. Corba de PEREILLE.  Wife of Raymond de Pereille.  A believer who received consolamentum with her daughter on March 13, 1244.

  46. Esclarmonde de PEREILLE, daughter of Raymond and Corba de Pereille.  Received consolamentum with her mother on March 13, and subsequently burnt on March 16, 1244.

  47. PERONNE.  Perfecta, arrived at Montsegur in 1237.

  48. Guillaume PEYRE, sergeant, agent of Raymond de Pareille.  Perfect. With CLAMENS, consigned the Cathar treasury at Montsegur to Pierre-Roger Mirepoix on March 13, 1244.

  49. Guillaume RAOUPerfect.

  50. Alazais RASEIRE.  From Bram or district.  Captured at Montsegur and returned for execution by fire at Bram.

  51. Jean REY.  From Saint-Paul-Cap-de-Joux. Courier.  Arrived at Montsegur on January 1, 1244, bearing a letters from the Cathars of Cremona.  Received consolamentum March 13.

  52. Pierre ROBERT.  Merchant from Mirepoix.  Believer since 1209 -- arrived at Montsegur 1236. Consolamentum March 13.

  53. Pierre ROBERTPerfect.  Assisted in the consolamentum of Raymond de Ventenac, mortally wounded in 1243.  Perhaps same individual as No. 52.

  54. Martin ROLAND.  Brother of sergeant Bernard de Joucou and uncle of the Narbona brothers.  Believer in Lavelanet in 1232 and a perfect at Montsegur in 1240.

  55. Bernard de SAINT-MARTIN.  Dispossessed knight from Laurac. One of the leaders of the massacre of the Inquisitors at Avignonet.  Believed to have received consolamentum with the mercenary knights Guillaume de Lahill and Brezihac de Cailhavel on March 13..  Burned on March 16.

  56. Raymond de SAINT-MARTINPerfect and deacon.

  57. Pierre SIRVENPerfect, assistant to Cathar Bishop Bertrand Marty.

  58. TAPARELPerfect.

  59. Rixende de TELLE (or TEILH).  Mother superior of the perfectae at Montsegur during the siege.

  60. Arnaud TEULY, from Limoux.  Arrived at Montsegur before Feberuary 14, 1244.  Received consolamentum March 13.

  61. Raymond de TOURNEBOUIX.  Sergeant.  Received consolamentum March 13, 1244 and subsequently burnt on March 16.

  62. Marquesia UNAUD of Lanta.  Seamstress to the Cathars at Montsegur.  Believer since 1224 and ordained a perfecta at Montsegur at 1234.

  63. Ermengarde d'USSAT.  Believer at Montsegur from 1240.  Received consolamentum on March 16.