Steve Leckie: The Viletones Toronto 1977
  Steve Leckie
  The Viletones      1977

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 The Dishes          1977

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 David Buchan     1977
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Director and Producer:     Peter Wronski
Editor and Co-Producer:  Robert Schroder
Cinematography:               Joe Sutherland and Peter Wronski
Audio:                                    Peter Chapman and Yasmin Karim

Shot on location at the New Yorker Theater and Crash'N'Burn Club, Toronto,
and CBGB and Times Square Motor Inn, New York City, June-July 1977.

Twenty minute version broadcast on the CBC in September 1977 with disputed narration inserted and performances by The Ramones, The Dead Boys, and The Curse edited out by CBC management.

Original version currently under restoration.